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Circles of teammates

In online games, you sometimes want to play just for the sake of playing, and you sometimes want to play to win. Who has never been disappointed when, while playing to get up in the rankings, ended up with teammates who were only testing and got eliminated in no time? Not a single game offers to put together players based on human criteria: motivations, objectives, or even age and language! These criteria don’t exist in today online games, which only put together players based on their past results.

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Coaches and sponsors

5000 games to become a good player and what if we were going ten times faster!

The personalized coaching allows players to save time and to progress faster in the game. The analysis of the games played, and the behavior intelligence tools highlight the strong lines of improvement for each player. From this material, the players test the recommendations on their own or are linked with a coach to accelerate their evolution in the game.

Coaching method

  • Discovery of a new game
  • Personal or team coaching, to reach new levels
  • Team captain coaching
  • Static coaching (players’ profiles, PowerSpec graphs, games sum-ups…) or dynamic coaching (as player or observer)
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Bets and challenges

Your usual game is boring. A new game to replace it?

What if, beyond the game and your own talents, a platform were offering you new challenges to face, in groups or in series of games? What if we bet on your talent, to always reinvent the interest of the games?

Personalized challenges allow to exceed the conventional use of competitive games. It’s about waking up the hunger of gamers by understanding their expectations and daring original challenges. Based on their profile, we weekly offer the players unusual challenges, renewing their interest (for instance: win 2 games in a row with the most assists, or win 3 games in a row making the most damage).

The players’ friends are invited to bet on their victory, which raises the stakes: they wish for their victory or, on the contrary, their defeat.
Some of the challenges can be surprising, even more when we step out of the traditional structure to integrate a multi-games dimension, in this way adding another level to the challenge.

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Collection of gamers

Each gamer is unique

  • Each gamer is unique and wants to see their own record, not just their general rankings
  • Personal records are ranked according to given criteria: shortest games, the more kills per game, the fewer deaths, wins more with a champion, etc.
  • Each gamer gets a list of their records, along with matching points. Then, they can face challenges or improve their records by playing differently. They win more points and their gamer profile gets a score.
  • By surrounding themselves with their friends, they create a deck of friends, which also obtains a total score.
  • The goal is to create the more powerful deck, which means the deck with the highest score.
  • Just like personal records, decks can be ranked according to different record tables: a number of wins, kills per game, etc.
  • Or according to Ex: the deck which has the highest growth, the highest score with the fewer gamers, the highest score with the more of gamers, the highest score with a majority of a specific kind of record (the deck which has the best score of kill for a champion, etc.)


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