Who are we

Our convictions

A website for players should also be a game, should offer systems of points, rankings, and be appealing, fun and, of course, useful

  • However, websites for players are at best “useful”, and always “very classic”
  • There are only a few community services offered to players by MOBA editors

Gamers would appreciate getting help from a better player who would coach them

  • You have to play at least 500 games of League and 10 000 of WOT to reach a decent level, so you’d better hold on!
  • MOBAs are easy to understand but complex to master. When players are stuck at a level, how can they find a real help?

Gamers want to find the right players at the right time

  • 330% of players can’t easily find a partner*
  • Matchmaking doesn’t always lead to the best encounters.

Each player is unique and loves to see himself or herself in personalized rankings that give him or her value

  • In MOBAs, the universal ranking system places 80% of Bronze level and Silver level players.
  • Existing services (Opgg, lolnexus, etc.) give raw data but no personalized information.

Players love facing new challenges in their favorite games

  • There are different ways of winning, and losing…
  • MOBAs are poor in challenges and missions.

Players love earning points and collect.

  • In personalized rankings or by facing challenges.
  • Points earned by themselves or by their friends.

To sum it up, The Gamist is THE platform for competitive players, which offers to build a new gaming experience by cleverly combining mutual aid, challenges, rankings and circles of friends.

*Sondage gamist.club

In Game

  • Expert Cooper by training, Factice loves good wine since he was a little boy: he fell into the barrel!
  • On Friday nights with his friend Fatalitos, he throws bursting casks and bumps people with his belly!
  • But he doesn’t always own his Gragas side and shows off in tanks with big canons…
  • He wants to launch a nice small business to find friends who play WOT, because making friends when you’re hiding behind a wall, in a 180 tons’ tank, isn’t the easiest way to. And so he creates THE GAMIST, the lair of players like him.


In Real Life

  • An engineer from the Ecole Centre of Lyon (France) and the Queen Mary (London), Christophe developed his management skills on IT projects within consulting firms and IT services companies.
  • In 2006, he becomes an entrepreneur and successively creates a consulting firm (10 persons), an editorial agency (3 persons) and a financial services provider (100 persons).
  • Gamer passionate by competitive online games (LOL, WOT, AW, WOW), he decides to produce web services and launches an innovative platform that links MOBA players: THE GAMIST.

In Game

  • Fatalitos always had a precise dream: wear a leather jacket and have a really long spear. His friends used to make fun of him because of the ambiguity and the implausibility of this dream. But Bruno is a warrior. His inner Lacedemonian awoke. Ever since he incarnates Pantheon in the Summoner’s Rift, hiding in bushes, looking for innocent victims. He punctures, impales, eviscerates… but always cheerfully. He met Christophe along the way, who was himself busy conscientiously flattening an enemy.
  • After a short and happy muttering (thanks for the barrel!), they decided to join forces for the best, and share their love for gaming by launching THE GAMIST.


In Real Life

  • Engineer in IT Data Management, Bruno worked as a developer, an IS architect, and then worked in management consulting and project management.
  • In 2011, he co-founded with Christophe a financial services company becoming a nice success now!
  • Bruno is passionate about gaming and motorcycles. He wants to conciliate hobbies and entrepreneurship in a technical, artistic and fun project, oriented towards MOBA players’ satisfaction. He decides to produce web services and launches an innovative platform which links MOBA players: THE GAMIST.