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We are web services producers for gamers

The producer is the person/society that carries projects and looks for financial means to make them happen.

His or her role is as artistic as it is financial. It engages the first costs, chooses the director and oversees the project.

Once the global funding of the project is consolidated, the producer works closely with the director, who is in charge with a certain number of activities.

We are looking for

A director – an experimented web designer, passionate by MOBA. The role will consist in:

  • Building and developing Gamist’s web/mobile services
  • Assembling the skills with the help of the production and managing them
  • Managing the release of graphic and audio contents
  • Executing the data analysis system
  • Working closely with the marketing team and the community manager
  • Designing and executing the service
  • Developing a prototype and online versions
  • Proceeding to players’ behaviors analysis and proposing new sprints
  • Presenting models to the production for validation

Front and Back end developer / API, Data consultant,

you are seeking to evolve in an environment combining fun and performance.

  • You’re a gamer and you perfectly master websites development.
  • With rigor and efficiency, you will work with the director, the artists, the data scientists in order to create a beautiful, appealing, and effective website matching the expectations of a very demanding audience.

Gamer “Test and Conception”

  • You’re a gamer, you want to participate in tests and give a feedback on the services you would like to receive, and the ones that are offered to you.
  • If you’re more than 18, live in the Paris area, you can apply to groups tests. You will take part in demonstrations and share your debrief during a convivial gathering.
  • First hour gamers will receive gifts (premium accounts, artworks, etc…).